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Welcome to The War Years blog. World War Two resulted in the deaths of 85 million people. Civilian deaths including those subject to war-related disease and famine totalled 55 million. Tens of millions more people were displaced. However, amid all the carnage people demonstrated remarkable courage, fortitude, compassion, mercy and sacrifice. We would like to honour and celebrate all of those people.  

D-Day 75: Daks Over Duxford

As part of IWM’s D-Day 75th anniversary week, Daks over Duxford told the extraordinary story of D-Day, uniting the greatest number of Douglas C-47 Skytrain and Dakota aircraft in one location since the Second World War. Synonymous with the D-Day Landings, more than 30 'Daks' descended upon IWM Duxford.

Mass parachute jumps and flight displays took place across the museum ahead of the epic cross-channel flight to Normandy on 5th June. On the ground, D-Day related displays and activities brought the extraordinary story of D-Day to life.

In fact, 21 DC-3s and Douglas C-47s finally went to Normandy, ten of the aircraft carrying sticks of paratroopers for a mass drop as part of the Daks Over Normandy commemorations across the Channel. In reality, 1200 Douglas C-47s were used for D-Day. As well as the Daks, a P-47 Thunderbolt, two Mk 9 Spitfires and two P-51 Mustangs performed aerial displays. There was also a very impressive flypast by a collection of USAF C-130s and V-22 Osprey modern aircraft.

DDay 75: Daks Over Duxford Photography

Daks Over Duxford 2019