The War Years Blog

Welcome to The War Years blog. Incredibly, horrifically, World War Two resulted in the deaths of 85 million people. Civilian deaths including those subject to war-related disease and famine totalled 55 million. Tens of millions more people were displaced. However, amid all the carnage people demonstrated remarkable courage, fortitude, compassion, mercy and sacrifice. We would like to honour and celebrate all of those people.  

Bringing The War Years Bot to Life

In this blog post we announce the launch of The War Years chatbot. The War Years brings WW2 military history vividly to life. Now you can connect to The War Years varied military history resources using our Facebook Messenger chatbot. The War Years provides an overview of WW2 events, photographic gallery, blog, YouTube channel and social media platforms. We also recommend various WW2 living history events, air shows, exhibitions and museums. You can also ask questions about WW2, and we will do our best to answer them. 

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The German War: Crimes and Persecution Complex

The German War by Nicholas Stargardt and The Bitter Taste of Victory by Lara Feigel are two WW2 history books that neatly dovetail one another. The German War examines the many, varied aspects of the German war experience from 1939 to 1945 at home and on the frontlines. The Bitter Taste of Victory begins in 1944 as Allied forces, East and West, advance into the shrinking Reich and extends to 1949.

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