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Welcome to The War Years blog. World War Two resulted in the deaths of 85 million people. Civilian deaths including those subject to war-related disease and famine totalled 55 million. Tens of millions more people were displaced. However, amid all the carnage people demonstrated remarkable courage, fortitude, compassion, mercy and sacrifice. We would like to honour and celebrate all of those people.  

The Story of My Monte Cassino Cross

The Monte Cassino Cross was awarded to all men who served with the Polish 2nd Corps and took part in the fighting to break the German Gustav Line at Monte Cassino during the bitter Italian winter of 1943 to the early summer of 1944. The battle, which was actually a series of bloody engagements, is infamous for its ferocity and high casualty rates. This is the story of my Monte Cassino Cross and the brave man who won and lost it.

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