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Welcome to The War Years blog. World War Two resulted in the deaths of 85 million people. Civilian deaths including those subject to war-related disease and famine totalled 55 million. Tens of millions more people were displaced. However, amid all the carnage people demonstrated remarkable courage, fortitude, compassion, mercy and sacrifice. We would like to honour and celebrate all of those people.  

The Curious Case of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper

In this book review we discuss Danny S. Parker’s book Hitler’s Warrior, which takes an unflinching look at the life and war crimes of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper. Originally sentenced to death by the Allies for his part in the infamous Malmédy massacre, Peiper went on to lead something of a controversial life. Finally, it would all come to a dramatic end in a burning house one summer’s night in 1976.  

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